No matter if you already run a business or are starting off on the path of being an entrepreneur, taking up a franchise is always the best option as the odds of it getting profitable are much higher. Silver Stag India is a CSR initiative of Shaadidukaan that manages all of its franchises that’ll help the business to spread its wings covering all of India.

A Bengali wedding, or ‘Biye’ is totally a visual treat that is full of different rituals. Bengal is one of the biggest wedding market which makes it an ideal place to open up a business franchise in Kolkata. Weddings in Bengal are mostly an elaborate and colourful affair with many different rituals and celebrations.

Such big weddings call for a lot of planning, and thus gives the wedding markets a chance to expand. So, here we are with a chance for you to grow with us by grabbing the business franchise opportunity in Kolkata.

Perks of Choosing Shaadidukaan Franchise in Kolkata

Perk I: Opting for a Shaadidukaan franchise in Kolkata give you a chance to get associated with a brand that is already well established in the market.

Perk II: Franchise business opportunity in Kolkata does not require you to have any prior enterprise experience.

Perk III: The company takes care of all the Training and Recruitments and will help you setting up the business franchise in Kolkata.

Perk IV: All the after support services of the franchise in Kolkata will be handled by the Company itself.

Perk V: Minimal paperwork and full satisfaction of the Franchise Owners.

Silver Stag India Invites You To Join Hands With Shaadidukaan

That’ll help you climb the stairs to success

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About the Company

Shaadidukaan is an online wedding market that helps its customers to plan out their wedding and book verified vendors that are hosted on its website. The company aims to change the trend of the wedding planning in India and want to make it a lot easier for its customers. With the vision of expanding to the whole of India and a team of dedicated employees by its side working at its 4 different offices, the company is already one of the fastest growing online wedding market.

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