The Punjabi weddings need no introduction as everyone knows how fun filled and elaborate they are. From dancing till the feet ache to celebrations going on for the whole night long, Punjab and Haryana is one of the biggest wedding markets.

Chandigarh is one of the best cities to open up a business franchise in India due to its geological location. Being the assigned capital of both Punjab and Haryana, the franchise in Chandigarh can easily cover two states at once.

All the Punjabis love food and really know how to make a wedding a huge hit, so taking up a franchise in Chandigarh will definitely open new doors for any individual.

Perks of Choosing Shaadidukaan Franchise in Chandigarh

Perk I: If you are looking for a franchise business in Chandigarh under a reputed brand name the Shaadidukaan can be a great option for you.

Perk II: Don’t have any experience of doing business? Opting for the business franchise opportunity in Chandigarh is easy.

Perk III: All the HR support and training of the staff that will be required by the franchise in Chandigarh will be handled by the company.

Perk IV: After sales support or dealing with any of the queries will be handled by the company.

Perk V: No complex paperwork is required to get started.

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About the Company

Shaadidukaan is an online wedding market that helps its customers to plan out their wedding and book verified vendors that are hosted on its website. The company aims to change the trend of the wedding planning in India and want to make it a lot easier for its customers. With the vision of expanding to the whole of India and a team of dedicated employees by its side working at its 4 different offices, the company is already one of the fastest growing online wedding market.

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