Dr. Nishi Gupta — A Senior Gynaecologist at Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital(SDMH) takes a workshop in association with “Naari Jaagrati” programme by Shaadidudukaan.com At the launch event of the programme “Naari Jaagriti”, Dr. Nishi Gupta, who is the Founder of A70 Lifetrons and Senior Gynaecologist at Santokba Durlabhiji Memorial Hospital also took a workshop.

Being a medical practitioner for many years now, she is an advocate of women empowerment and have dedicated her career towards the well-being of women. At the workshop, she shared her story of being a medical practitioner while also sharing her thoughts about how she is dedicated to the cause of making the journey of women towards motherhood, less painful. Dr. Gupta is an avid explorer and listener, and her works speak highly of her. She is also a critical thinker and likes having an open conversation about the health concerns of the women. Profile Dr. Nishi Gupta Obstetrics & Gynaecologist MBBS, MS, DNB, MNAMs Dr. Nishi Gupta is a certified Medical practitioner with a specialization in Gynaecology. Graduated in 1991 from SMS Medical College, Jaipur she went on to pursue her MBBS post which she also completed her MS in 1995 with a specialization in Gynaecology. She then went on to pursue and complete DNB and MNAMs programs in 2004 and dedicated her skills for the welfare of the people. She has vast experience in her field with over 29 years of experience practicing medicine. She started her career working as a resident doctor in SDMH in the year 1996 up to 1998 and as a consultant in Rajdhani Hospital in 1998, after which she switched to being self-employed while pursuing her specialization courses. She then worked as an assistant consultant in SDMH from 2002-2004 and is currently a senior consultant in SDMH. Dr. Nishi Gupta, being a Gynaecologist has an interest in Laparoscopic Gynaecology, Urogynaecology, and High-Risk Pregnancy Management. She is in the list of a few Gynaecologists who have mastered the art of performing ‘Internal Iliac Litigation’ (IIL), a procedure that is performed to upon the women who suffer from ‘Post-partum Haemorrhage’ (PPH). PPH is a major cause of the Worldwide Mortality Rate and it has been observed that one in every three women suffers from this issue. PPH is a term that is used for excessive bleeding post-childbirth. The disease is fatal as in some severe cases over 1000ml of blood is lost during the deliveries. IIL is the most popular procedure to curb down the rate of maternal deaths due to PPH. With a success rate of 40%, the procedure is more effective than performing a ‘Hysterectomy’(removal of Uterus from the body). Earlier, Hysterectomy was done when all the medicinal and surgical procedures fail but it increased other complications including the mental trauma faced by the women. Opposed to Hysterectomy the Therapeutic IIL is performed upon women suffering from PPH during cesarean section or normal delivery, and also helps in curbing down the emotional stress faced by women. Dr. Nishi Gupta being an expert in carrying out IIL procedure provides quality and compassionate care to all her patients. Her friendly nature and positive attitude have earned her a good reputation and have also helped her earn several accolades over the years.